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A TalNow team member will contact you within hours to help you create a focused project that sets your goals and fits your budget.


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We’ll send you a short list of business experts specifically chosen from our extensive talent pool. Select the one that best fits your needs.


Follow a guided path

We stay with you and your expert through every step of the project.


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Your business grows, your income increases, happiness ensues.

Our concierge service is here to help you and will be with you every step of the way.

What can one of our experts help you with?

You need proven expert advice at a reasonable price. From old-school manufacturer to technology startup, your business succeeds faster with TalNow.

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Marketing & Sales
  • Attract new customers
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Optimize pricing
  • Enter new markets
Efficiency & Operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Design business processes
  • Get expert project management
  • Find workflow efficiencies
Financial Analysis & Guidance
  • Develop financial models & forecasts
  • Improve budgeting
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Raise capital
Market Research
  • Understand consumer trends
  • Identify new markets
  • Assess market size
  • Analyze competitor landscape
Data Analytics & Insights
  • Identify analytics & big data opportunities
  • Generate data insights
  • Recommend analytics tools
Why Use TalNow?

TalNow has a pool of vetted world-class business talent. Our experts have worked for years at the biggest, most successful companies and hold degrees from the top MBA programs.

Checking resumes and references is time consuming, so we do it for you. If your candidate claims to have a Harvard MBA and once been a member of the Smashing Pumpkins, we’ve already checked that out.

You won’t waste time and energy with too many candidates. Once we help you fully articulate your project, we offer you a manageable short list of highly qualified business experts.

We provide personalized support from Day One and stay with you through every step of the project. We even manage contracting, oversee payments and ensure clear communication and project delivery.

Large consulting firms have a lot of administrative and other overhead costs. TalNow avoids those by connecting you directly to business experts through a digital platform that doesn’t require offices or partner bonuses.

Your business might need help once. You might need input from business experts from time to time. Whatever the reason and whatever the duration, TalNow lets you bring in talented business experts only when you need them.

We are confident our vetted experts and quality assurance system will exceed your expectations. But if you’re ever not satisfied for any reason, our concierge team will work with you and our expert community to resolve your issue, or we’ll find you new experts at no additional cost.

Our Expert Community

TalNow lets you put the top seasoned business minds to work for you.

We rigorously screen every expert in our network through interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks – we only accept the top business talent.


100% screened by the TalNow team for expertise in their field

Advanced Degrees

90%+ graduated from top 20 MBA programs


90%+ have at least 5 years of experience with large, successful companies (Fortune 500, top-tier consulting firms, private equity firms)

Lower Cost

50%+ less the cost of large consulting firms

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