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Find the work you want at the rates you deserve.

TalNow was founded by an MBA and consultant who understands the value of talented business experts. We want to help you develop your career, earn more money, enjoy a higher quality of life, and reach a state of consulting Zen. That’s why we find you the work you want at the rates you deserve.

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Let us find you clients and projects

We sell you for you. You developed skills you want to use solving big issues, not marketing yourself. TalNow matches you with exactly the kind of projects you want through a platform that beats trolling for clients on LinkedIn.

Make more money with less bureaucracy

By cutting out the overhead through our digital marketplace, we help you get better gigs paying higher rates without having to wade through the layers of administration at a large consulting firm. Or did you really love answering to multiple managers?

You’re not alone

The gig economy can leave workers feeling isolated. But with TalNow, you have a support team. If you get stuck, if you need some input, if you just need to bounce some ideas around—our management team is here to help you.

Pick the projects that interest you—develop your expertise, build a brand, make a name for yourself

Maybe you have an area of interest and want to focus specifically on projects that relate to it, not just go wherever a consulting firm assigns you. Use your expertise in a niche you love, avoid the work you don’t like. Everything should be this easy.

Enjoy a better work-life balance

Our time on this blue marble is limited and a work-life balance is key to getting the most out of your time. TalNow wants you to enjoy life while you help clients and earn a good living.

You might love the work, but not the trappings of the conventional consulting profession. You might like the idea of freelancing, but not the prospect of spending time hunting for clients that you could be using to travel, spend time with family, bake macaroons, or play the sitar. TalNow gives you access to the gig economy without the accompanying onus of cultivating your clientele.

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